Glass by James Michael & Co.

Disclaimer/Waiver of Liability


Glass by James Michael & Co. herby discloses that the environment wherein glass pieces are created do include inherent conditions that the customer/participant must be aware; including heat sources, firing ovens and furnaces, glass fragments, tools and implements of the trade, that when handled properly, create exquisite works of art.  The customer/participant hereby acknowledges the existence of these inherent conditions and therefore assumes the risk of any exposure thereto which results in any injury or damage to person or property.   Customer/participant further waives any claim against Glass by James Michael & Co., James Michael Kahle, his employees, assistants and/or apprentices,  Arts for Community Enrichment and the landlord of said organizations for any such injury or damages notwithstanding fault, negligence or liability.


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Hot things burn, Sharp things cut.  Everything in the shop is hot and sharp.

It is your responsibility to know where you are in relation to where the hot work is being done; if you get burned it is your fault.

NO CHEWING GUM or chewing tobacco, disposable or propane lighters are permitted in studio.



Glassblowing takes place in a hostile environment and it is best to dress accordingly.  Please dress comfortably in blue jeans or sweat pants and a cotton t-shirt.  Removable long sleeve shirt if desired.  Avoid all synthetic fabrics such as polar fleece, rayon, nylon, etc.  Avoid metals in clothing such as buckles, snaps, rivets, buttons, etc.  Avoid wearing jewelry.  Comfortable shoes.


Bring something to drink to stay hydrated, water or sports drinks are best.


While this is a fun experience it can be a dangerous environment where things happen quickly, vigilant care is necessary from all parties involved; so be prepared to stay focused and pay attention all of the time.


Glass creations must anneal (cool down to room temp.) over night.  You will need to return to retrieve your finished work.  If returning presents an issue please make arrangements for shipping.