Glass by James Michael & Co.

Years ago, I made the comment that if I could find a way to pay the bills, I would give all of the glass away. This program is ~ in a way ~ my attempt to do just that.


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The ACE program is an outgrowth of the Hot Glass Experience, an informal apprenticeship program that Glass by James Michael has offered for the last 10 years. Add to the Hot Glass Experience a desire to see the arts supported to the same level as sports in our area and a belief in the absolute necessity to give back to the community that supports you and you have the basic components for the services and programs ACE Inc can offer.





 "To foster teaching, promotion, recognition and accessibility of the arts for the enrichment of the community. "


ACE Inc. was incorporated in the state of Ohio, February 2, 2006, by a small group of artist and art lovers as a non-profit organization .


Our goal is to address several needs in rural Ohio and Indiana for art support and education with an initial emphasis on hot glass work and to do so in a cost effective manor.


We intend to provide the Hot Glass Experience for up to 60 school groups in the 2006 – 2007 school year, free of charge, and to provide each of those school groups a hand blown vessel to auction off as a fundraiser for their art club.


We intend to provide assistance to teachers and community members in establishing art clubs that can function much like athletic booster clubs and to provide an independent revenue stream to support school and community-based art programs.


We intend to provide an opportunity for up to 4 area students to apprentice in the hot glass studio full time without charge to the students.


We intend to donate to local, regional and national nonprofit organizations up to $300,000.00 worth of hand blown art glass to support their fundraising efforts.





Hot Glass Experience classes and apprenticeships are scheduled to begin with the 2006 – 2007 school year. Over a dozen schools have already expressed an interest in participating.



Drake County Habitat for Humanity  2 Vases  Value    $245.00

Cancer Services of Ft Wayne  1 vessel  Value  $ 1400.00

Pet Jamboree   1 Vessel Value   $ 850.00

PBS  10 Vessels   Value $50,000.00

Ft. Wayne Philharmonic  1 Vessel   Value  $2300.00

State of the Heart Hospice

Celina Hospice

Columbus Aids Task Force   1 fountain and

3 vessels Value $11,145.00

The Light Foundation 2 vessels Value $1380.00

State of the Heart Hospice 1 vessel Value  $90.00

Celina Hospice 1 vessel  Value $1300.00






If your school would like to participate in the Hot Glass Experience, please contact us.


If you, your company or foundation would like to offer financial or in kind support, please contact us.


If you would like to join us in our effort as a volunteer or would like to foster a local arts booster organization, please contact us.


If you have the skills, desire and proven track record to take on the challenge of the development directors’ position, please contact us.




Encouraged by the arts community of Dayton, Ohio, James Michael Kahle

relocated his main glass operation to 545 West Siebenthaler, Suite B, Dayton, Ohio 45405 in the Summer of 2007.


Open by appointment or by chance.


Phone: 937.417.9966